GameSpew’s Top 10 Indie Games of 2017

Blackwood Crossing

Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
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We didn’t really know what to expect from PaperSeven’s Blackwood Crossing when we loaded it up for the first time, but what we were met with blew us away. It’s the type of game that, on completion, you have to sit quietly for a few minutes, needing to absorb the experience you’ve just sat through. It’s emotional from start to finish, but manages to tell a very strong, important story too.

It’s a short experience, around two or three hours in length, but the impression it leaves with you will last much, much longer. Telling the story of two children coming to terms with the death of their parents, it’s delivered through a mixture of real and dreamlike sequences. You’re never quite sure what is real, and the narrative will keep you hooked until the closing sequence hits you like a punch in the guts.

Outlast 2

Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC
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When the original Outlast was released in 2013, it really did scare us silly. It was dark, the audio did a great job of unsettling you, and being chased by grotesque inmates from which you had no form of defence was absolutely heart-pounding. Of course, it was a hit, and then a bigger budget sequel was announced.

Red Barrels took what made Outlast such a success and then turned it up to 11, creating a game that is truly terrifying. In Outlast 2 you find yourself in the shoes of a cameraman, desperately trying to save his wife from the clutches of some religious zealots after their helicopter crash lands. The environments are more expansive, the gameplay is deeper, and the narrative is more fleshed out, resulting in an all-round much improved experience. It’s longer too, running at more than twice the length of its predecessor. Just make sure you have some spare underwear at hand if you decide to play it and happen to find yourself in a code brown situation, yeah?