Point and click games were always my favourite growing up.

I spent countless hours on the likes of Monkey Island and Broken Sword on my PC as a kid. Console gaming made it harder for the classic point and click adventure genre to live on; I mean, how can you point and click if you don't have a mouse and a cursor?

PS4 point and click games are in abundance though. Well, the 21st century equivalent at least. The literal pointing and clicking that was once so ubiquitous with the puzzle adventure genre may be almost gone, but the form is gaining strength. The calibre of today's graphics means that developers are able to create worlds for us to explore that are more beautiful and intriguing than ever before. Here's our list of the best PS4 point and click games you should be playing. They're in alphabetical order, so we'll let you decide for yourself which is the very best.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Beautiful, captivating, and hilarious. Those are just a few words which can be used to describe the classic point and click adventure The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Unfortunately its predecessor was only ever released on PC, but this perfectly standalone sequel is without a doubt one of the best point and click games of this generation.

With around 20 hours of solid gameplay spanning across several locations, each as fascinating as the next, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a tale of magic and mystery, and is the closest to the classic 90's point and click adventures as we're ever going to get. King Art Games has done a stand-up job of bringing a magical world to life; with wizards, princes and elf princesses as believable as any human being. Filled with puzzles and humour from start to finish, there's so much to love here. It should be an essential title for any point and click adventure fan.

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Broken Age

DoubleFine is the master of classic point and click games, and Broken Age is no exception.

Telling two initially separate stories - of Vella, a beautiful tropical island dweller, and Shay, a young boy who's lived his life on a spaceship - Broken Age puts you in the shoes of both of them, as they each have their own struggles to work through. Broken Age's art style is second to none, but it's the characters and locations that bring the game to life. As with any discerning point and click game, some of the puzzles are a little on the obtuse side, but don't let that put you off diving into this glorious adventure.

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