10Aragorn’s Quest (2010)

Released on the Wii, PS2, PS3, PSP and Nintendo DS, Aragorn’s Quest followed Aragorn through his new journey, set 15 years after the ending to Return of the King. It features Samwise Gamgee telling his children about Aragorn’s adventures. Sadly the narrative doesn’t provide much that is too exciting, despite the fun premise of Sauron surviving and masking himself as an Elf of Eregion.

The gameplay is very simplistic, almost childlike. There isn’t much challenge to the gameplay, with some fighting sections becoming quite repetitive due to this. Aragorn’s Quest was an interesting idea, but it wasn’t executed in a fashion to meet expectations. It’s still a fun game, nevertheless, and well worth a play if you’re a Tolkien fan – especially as it’s the first Lord of the Rings game published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.