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Seven Resident Evil Games You Might Have Missed

Think you’ve played every Resident Evil game? Hmm.

With the news of a Resident Evil TV series coming to Netflix, it has us thinking about everything else that’s come from the franchise.

There’s all the obvious ones of course; in recent years we’ve had Resident Evil 7 and the remake of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Numbered entries aside, there have been a whole host of other Resident Evil games, across multiple platforms. Here are some you might have missed.

Resident Evil – The Missions 3D

Available on mobile

Resident Evil – The Missions 3D is the first of a whole host of Resident Evil mobile games. But this one is particularly interesting in that it’s turn based, giving you time to consider your strategy before the zombies eat your face off.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Available on Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, PS4, Gamecube, Xbox 360

Despite not being a numbered Resident Evil title, Code Veronica is a proper Resident Evil game. Lacking zombies but filled with all manner of other similar nasties, it’s well worth a play, especially if you’re a fan of Claire Redfield, who takes the lead here.

Resident Evil Gaiden

Available on Gameboy Colour

Bit of an odd one this. It’s not strictly canon but, set on a cruise ship, Resident Evil Gaiden blends 2D exploration with first-person shoot-em-up sections. It delivers a relatively authentic, if oddly coloured, Resident Evil experience.

Resident Evil Survivor

Available on PlayStation 1

A light gun shooter, though it can be played without such an attachment, Resident Evil Survivor tells an all new story set in Umbrella’s secret base (going by the series, they had about twenty of these). It’s a surprisingly competent shooter and despite the game’s use of a light gun, it’s not entirely on rails.

Resident Evil Dead Aim

Available on PlayStation 2

Another semi first-person shooter, Dead Aim introduces Fong Ling and Bruce McGivern, a pair of opposing intelligence agents tasked with clearing out a cruise ship. Like Survivor, the game supports light guns though this game actually plays better without one.

Resident Evil Outbreak

Available on PlayStation 2

Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak #2 resemble traditional Resident Evil games but are intended to be played co-operatively. They add a little to Resident Evil’s lore and can be played single-player if you desire, but they’re really nothing special.

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles/Darkside Chronicles

Available on Wii and PlayStation 3

Unlike the Resident Evil survivor games, these Wiimote/Playstation Move-enabled games are entirely on rails. They mostly feature chunks from various Resident Evil games but they do give older locations and enemies a graphical facelift.

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