Does Watch Dogs: Legion Have Permadeath?

Watch Dogs: Legion‘s characters will be in the firing line, but does Ubisoft’s open-world game have a permadeath mode? Read on.

Watch Dogs: Legion has a lot of playable characters but, playing the game, you’ll get the sneaking suspicion that they’re minutes away from an untimely demise. What if they do “pop their clogs”? Does permadeath play a part in Watch Dogs: Legion?

The answer is, yes, it does. It’s harder than you might think to get a character killed, but Watch Dogs: Legion does have a permadeath mode that means your dead character is gone for good. It kicks in from the ‘Reporting for Duty’ mission; from that point onwards, lose all your characters and it can be game over.


If that’s killed your interest in Watch Dogs: Legion, don’t worry. You have to actually turn the permadeath mode on when you start a new campaign game. It’s off by default, so unless you’ve decided death is going to be the end for your characters, they’ll survive being gunned down.

Even if you do enable permadeath, you have the option to disable it later. You can’t then go back and turn permadeath back on, however; once it’s off, it’s off. But if you decide that permadeath is too much of a hardcore experience, or that it sucks the joy out of playing Watch Dogs: Legion, you don’t have to stick with it.

So, while permadeath is included in Watch Dogs: Legion, you have to choose to enable it.