What Difficulty Should You Play Watch Dogs Legion On?

Watch Dogs: Legion

If you’re just starting out in Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft’s latest open world epic, you might be wondering what difficulty to choose.

When you begin a new game in Watch Dogs Legion, you’re giving the choice of three difficulty options: Easy, Normal or Hard. Whichever one you select is entirely up to you. But which is the best way to play?

‘Normal’ is the default difficulty, balanced to provide a challenge to the player. Changing the difficulty affects enemy alertness, weapon damage, and vehicle efficiency. So the higher the difficulty, the more alert enemies will be, and the less damage your weapon will do.


Choose a difficulty setting depending on your playstyle. If you want to spend most of your time exploring, enjoying everything that Watch Dogs Legion‘s London has to offer, we recommend selecting ‘Easy’. But if you like to be challenged in combat, then go for ‘Hard’.

The good news is, there are no achievements or trophies related to difficulty. So choosing Easy won’t make some trophies unattainable.

You can also change the difficulty at any time from the in-game menu.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind. If you’re playing Watch Dogs Legion‘s multiplayer mode, when it unlocks in December, you can’t change the difficulty here. Multiplayer difficulty is automatically set to ‘Normal’.