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Red Candle Games is Selling Devotion Again

Devotion is back, available to buy exclusively though the Red Candle Games online store.

What’s that, Devotion doesn’t ring a bell? We don’t blame you. We absolutely loved this eerie home-based horror game, developed by the team behind the equally excellent Detention. In our review, we called it “lovely, haunting stuff” but, moments before we hit publish, the game was removed from the Steam store entirely. So, while we could still play the game, and recommend it to high heaven, no-one else could (legitimately) get their hands on it.

The reason Devotion was pulled was that it contained a small piece of text that compared Chinese President Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh, a comparison that’s been made on a number of occasions. Taiwanese developers Red Candle Games said the artwork got in there by accident and removed the offending art but it was too late.

Chinese players review-bombed the game, Red Candle Game’s publishers pulled out and the game was pulled from Steam. Recently, it looked as if Devotion was going to reappear on GOG.com but after “receiving many messages from games”, GOG decided not to sell it after all.

However, over two years after its original release, you can now buy Devotion from Red Candle Games themselves. The company has set up an online store allowing you to buy all their titles digitally. You can pick up Devotion for $16.99 and Detention for $11.99, as well as discounted bundles including both titles and/or soundtracks.

Will the store stay up? With no publisher getting in the way, we’d hope so but, if certain parties still hold a grudge, we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the store goes down once or twice. Either way, if you’ve never got your hands on Devotion, now’s the time to sit down with this slice of domestic horror.

You can purchase Devotion from the Red Candle Games online store.


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