Does Resident Evil Village Have Co-op or Multiplayer Features?

Resident Evil Village

Are you about to jump into Resident Evil Village and wondering if you can play with a friend? Here’s what you need to know.

Resident Evil Village, out now, is the latest entry into the long-running Resident Evil series. It sees players reprise the role of Ethan Winters, protagonist of Resident Evil VII. He thought his nightmare was over, but it turns out the universe has quite a lot more in store for him yet. But can you enjoy Resident Evil Village in co-op or multiplayer?

The short answer is no; Resident Evil Village itself is strictly a single-player affair. There’s no way to play the game with anyone else, locally or online. But being a horror game, it’s still fun to play with friends. Gather them around to watch the scary action unfold, or simply take it in turns to play a section. Or, you know, put your headphones on, turn off the light, and enjoy the horror completely alone. Whatever works.

If you do want to play Resident Evil in co-op or multiplayer though, we’ve got good news. Resident Evil Village comes with Resident Evil Re:Verse, a completely standalone multiplayer experience. It’s an online-only multiplayer that celebrates 25 years of Resident Evil history. So expect to come up against classic enemies from the franchise and play as well-known characters in 4-6 player deathmatches.

The bad news is that Resident Evil Re:Verse isn’t out yet, and it’s set to release this summer. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer for your multiplayer fix.

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