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Tears of the Kingdom Ganondorf

Ganondorf Doesn’t Stand a Chance in This Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Animation

Who needs the Master Sword when you’ve got an island on a stick? That’s the premise of this short Ganondorf-smooshing Tears of the Kingdom animation.

Like Matthew McClesky’s animation, it has Link putting his Fuse ability to good use, crushing Ganondorf with absolute ease. But this Tears of the Kingdom short, from animator DayLight, dials things up to eleven, with Link dispatching villain Ganondorf under 20 seconds.

Admittedly, Fuse doesn’t quite work this way. You can fuse items together but you can’t fuse things to the ground. But we absolutely wish you could – watching the mortal terror on Gandondorf’s face would keep us warm all the way through winter.

What’s especially entertaining about this and McClesky’s animation is that they’re actually not that far from the truth. Tears of the Kingdom players have been crafting some ridiculous, ridiculous death machines.

If anything,  mowing down Ganondorf down doesn’t go far enough. GameSpot has a video on how to construct a drone that will reign fire on an entire area, even without Link at the wheel. And we’ve seen multiple Zonai devices that simply nuke an area from orbit.

You can watch Daylight’s animation above and, while it’s only the second they’ve posted to YouTube, they could well be worth a subscribe. Now, if you’ll excuse us, this Mecha Flame-Tank isn’t going to build itself.

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