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Chris has been gaming since the days of the Acorn Electron, which was allegedly purchased to 'help him with his homework'. You can probably guess how well that went. He’ll tackle most genres – football titles aside – though he has a taste for games that that are post-apocalyptic, horror-oriented or thought provoking in nature.
Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR Review

Is Iron Man VR worth stepping in Tony Stark's shoes for, or is it a bit of an Infinity Bore?

Moody Robo-Puzzler Vesper Lands on Steam in 2021

It's as if gloomy platformer Limbo had a lovechild with a rainbow.
Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Shows You the Real Heroes of the Galactic Federation

Hardspace: Shipbreaker challenges you to disassemble disused space vessels. Can you step up without being blown into the void?
Not For Broadcast

Not For Broadcast’s Latest Chapter is Marvellous Lockdown Lunacy

Not For Broadcast's latest Early Access is here, filmed entirely under lockdown.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Isometric RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker Gets a PS4 and Xbox One Release

Isometric RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker is coming to consoles in a new Definitive Edition.

Wolfstride, a Black-and-White Turn-Based Mech Battler is Coming to PC

Could Wolfstride could be the mech-piloting, cat-washing game we've been waiting for?
Chivalry 2

Multiplayer Medieval Hack ‘Em Up Chivalry 2 is Coming to Consoles

Medieval online slash-em-up Chivalry 2 is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One. Are you ready to lose your head?
Ever Forward

Protagonists, Puzzles and Ports: An Interview With Ever Forward’s Producer

We spoke to Ever Forward's producer, Bin Yang, about the creation of this gorgeous, mind-bending action puzzler.
Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review

Ultimate Fishing Simulator promises all the fun of fishing, but does it deliver?

Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World is Coming to PC and Consoles

Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne promises a tactical journey through an anime-style fantasy land.

Ooze on the Move: Carrion is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Ooze-em-up Carrion is coming to Switch. Are you ready to take your slithering, swinging behemoth on the move?
Port Royale 4

New Exploration Trailer Shows Off Port Royale 4’s Gorgeous World

Port Royale 4's latest half-hour long trailer has dropped, giving us a look at the game's open seas.
werewolf the apocalypse earthblood

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Gets a Fur and Fang-Filled Cinematic Trailer

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood gets a new shape-shifting, claw-slashing cinematic trailer.
Project Warlock review

How to Save Your Game in Project Warlock

Wondering how to save your game retro-shooter Project Warlock? There's something we have to tell you...

How to Upgrade Your Skills, Spells and Weapons in Project Warlock

Wondering how to upgrade your spells, stats and weapons in Project Warlock? Here's what you need to know.
Project Warlock review

Project Warlock Review

Retro-shooter Project Warlock gets off to a bumpy start, but is it worth sticking around for?

GameSir VX2 AimSwitch Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

The GameSir VX2 Aimswitch lets you console game a with a keyboard and mouse, but is it worth the asking price?

Preview: Ever Forward is a Gorgeous, Mind-Bending Puzzler

Ever Forward invites you puzzle your way through a strange, dreamlike landscape.
Pro Cycling Manager 2020 1

Pro-Cycling Mode is the Highlight of Pro Cycling Manager 2020

There's no "I" in team, but there's two in winning.

Song of Horror’s Final Episode Plays Out on an Underwhelming Note

Is the final episode of this survival horror series a fitting swan song or just a dead duck?

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