PVATOT: Let’s Play The Division Closed Beta

Coming out next month, Tom Clancy’s The Division looks like it could blow us away with its awesomeness. We’ve been looking forward for this one for a long while, and it featured high on our Most Anticipated Games of 2016. Now it’s finally around the corner, and the PVATOT boys are whetting our appetites by taking the closed Beta for a spin.

PVATOT (aka Playing Videogames And Talking Over Them) is GameSpew’s answer to the ever-popular Let’s Play format where we, well, play videogames and talk over them.

Hosted by Paul “Creamcake” and Alistair “TheLibrarian”, PVATOT is a short foray into a different game each week, filled with humour, japes, and mindless violence. Always mindless violence.


Sit back and soak up what we’ve got to look forward to come 8 March…

Tom Clancy’s The Division is due to release on 8 March on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.