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Monster Hunter World

Here’s How Monster Hunter World Looks on Xbox One X

Monster Hunter World has now been unleashed upon the world, and with no less than three graphical presets being available on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, you can find the perfect balance between eye candy and performance.

But how do its three graphical presets – Resolution, Framerate and Graphics – stand up on Xbox One X, you’re probably wondering? Well, we’re here to answer that question for you.

Framerate Mode

Click here for the full-size 4K image
Click here for the full-size 4K image

Understandably, when Monster Hunter World is played with the prioritise framerate setting, its graphics are dialled back a bit.

Unimportant assets such as grass and the fruit on The Handler’s plate are replaced by those which are less complex, while shadow quality is slightly reduced, as well as the distance at which they are drawn. Overall though it still looks rather good, and there is a noticeable improvement to the framerate, making the gameplay that bit more fluid and responsive.

Graphics Mode

Click here for the full-size 4K image
Click here for the full-size 4K image

In prioritise graphics mode, screen detail in Monster Hunter World is pushed to the max.

Shadows are drawn at a greater distance while also exhibiting a little more detail, and there’s just more complexity to what you can see on any given screen. The framerate holds up well in prioritise graphics mode too; it’s not quite as smooth as prioritise framerate mode, but you rarely notice any dips.

The only thing that really lets prioritise graphics mode down is the softness of the image. Whether you opt for the more detailed graphics or higher framerate, you’re left with an image that just doesn’t look as sharp as you’d like on the Xbox One X, but then that’s where the prioritise resolution mode comes into play.

Resolution Mode

Click here for the full-size 4K image
Click here for the full-size 4K image

With the naked eye it’s hard to judge whether or not Monster Hunter World actually hits 4K in prioritise resolution mode, but it does certainly look a lot sharper.

The image looks cleaner and clearer, but it comes at a cost. While the game remains perfectly playable, the framerate takes a noticeable hit, and for some players that will be a deal-breaker.

Screen complexity is also reduced in prioritise resolution mode; you’re essentially playing the game in prioritise framerate mode but with a higher resolution. The extra clarity makes the visuals shine, however, which may cause some to stick with the higher resolution despite the drawbacks.


On Xbox One X, Monster Hunter World‘s graphical presets work just as you’d expect them to.

No matter which option you choose the game still looks very nice indeed; there’s a not a great deal of detail you’re going to notice between the three modes in the heat of battle. But if you value a smooth framerate, you’re probably better off sticking with either the prioritise framerate or graphics settings – there’s not much between the two – for the optimum Monster Hunter World experience.

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