6Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Before the Force was awakened, it was unleashed like never before thanks to developers LucasArts. Released for PS3 and Xbox 360, The Force Unleashed introduced the character of Starkiller, a secret apprentice to Darth Vader. It followed Starkiller’s troubled mindset, and portrayed a powerful yet confused character who eventually turned on the Sith Lord. The story actually perfectly sets up the start to A New Hope, but it isn’t canon – look to Rogue One for that prequel story.

The very first mission in The Force Unleashed gives the opportunity to control Darth Vader as he rampages through Kashyyyk. Vader was completely overpowered and had no issue with killing innocent wookies… guess he didn’t listen to C3P0’s advice about letting the wookie win.

The Force Unleashed allowed players to feel how powerful the Force is by unleashing it on waves of enemies. Despite the small level settings, the action never felt stale thanks to the variety of skills Starkiller possessed. Force Unleashed allowed the player to feel the true power of the Dark Side.