How to Harvest Crops in Farmer’s Dynasty

Farmer’s Dynasty has a lot to offer, but harvesting crops is vital to the experience. Here’s what you need to know about how to harvest crops.

So, you’ve inherited your granddad’s old farm? Congratulations – you’re on the brink of creating a farming empire that would make him proud. But this is also where the work begins.

There’s a lot to do in the sandbox that Farmer’s Dynasty offers, but harvesting crops is arguably the most important gameplay aspectIt’s certainly the most profitable – and that’s why it’s key.


Harvesting crops and reaping the rewards is not easy; it’s a process that involves a few different steps. We’ve highlighted the steps below, and following these will ensure you get the best crops possible. Remember that you can always inspect the field to see what needs to be done – the percentages are really helpful for this.

1. Attach the plough

The first thing you need to do to harvest crops in Farmer’s Dynasty is attach the plow to your tractor. You’ll get your first plough in the early quests available in the game, and you’ll eventually be able to afford to buy a new one.

Once the plough is attached to your tractor, drive to your field. Once close, lower the plough so that it touches the ground. Then drive around your field. It’s best to follow a pattern here so that you don’t miss anything – we found going around the edges in a circle works well. You can also turn on cruise control; just don’t go too quickly or you’ll get a warning about that.

2. Cultivate

Cultivating is all about ensuring your field is ready for the seeds to be sowed. To do this you need the cultivator, which is accessible after completing a quest for an NPC near the beginning of Farmer’s Dynasty. You can also buy a better one once you have the money.

Like you did with the plough, drive up to the the field and then lower the cultivator so that it’s on the ground. Then drive around the field, following a pattern so that you don’t miss anything.

3. Fertilize

You don’t need to fertilize your field, but doing so will ensure that the crops yield the best rewards. You’ll gain a fertilizer machine from a quest early in the game, so attach this to your tractor.

The actual fertilizer can be bought from the agricultural store. You can buy a fertilizer that also includes manure, to save having to do more work. Once bought, it will transfer to your barn automatically. Connect the fertilizer attachment and drive your tractor to the side of the barn (the side nearest the greenhouse) and then an option will appear to fill it up.

Drive around the field in a pattern so that it’s all covered. Ensure you turn the fertilizer on!

4. Use the manure

Much like the previous step, you don’t have to manure your fields in Farmer’s Dynasty but it helps ensure the crops are the best they can be. Again, you’ll acquire the machine in an early quest.

You can buy manure from the store – and much like the fertilizer it will transport automatically. You can also use the manure from your own cows, but this will take a while. Again, go to your barn with the tractor’s attachment and fill it up.

Then once more drive around your field with the attached machine on so that the manure is laid down.

5. Harvest the crops and sell them

After some time, your crops in Farmer’s Dynasty will be ready to harvest. You can check them by inspecting the field and seeing what percentage they’re at.

Once they’re ready, use the harvester to harvest the crops. Ensure the machine is on and lowered, and then drive around the field to harvest the crops. Once you get to 95% capacity a warning will appear saying that you are close to maximum capacity. Turn your machine off and drive to your silo on the farm (the big white cylinder by the greenhouse). Be sure to avoid running over any of your crops.

Then, get to the grate in the front of the silo, and align the discharger pipe over the grate to release the crops, and fill up the silo. Remember that only one type of grain can be in the silo. You can also use the grain storage which is attached to your barn.

Once the silo or grain store is full you need to empty them in to a trailer attached to your tractor (you cannot put it in the pickup truck). Align the trailer up to the discharge pipe of the silo, or the room with the dispenser in the barn.

Once the trailer is full, drive to the market and then empty the grains over the grate. When doing this you’ll see your funds increase massively.

Be sure to follow these steps every time you need to harvest crops in Farmer’s Dynasty. With practice it becomes second nature, and it’s the key to being successful at the game.