Rocket League’s Next Update Addresses Potential Accessibility Issues

Rocket League is getting a new update this Feb 1st, bringing with it an accessibility-friendly update.

Let’s face it, Rocket League is a ludicrous idea. Cars, driving around an arena, on the off chance they hit a ball at the right angle to bounce it between a pair of goal posts? It’s ridiculous, almost as daft as inflating a pig’s bladder and booting it around a field.

But it took off in a big way, so much so that five years after its release it’s still getting updates and new content. The next update, landing this Feb 1st is, however, a particularly significant one.

“Based on recent player feedback, we’ve become aware that the effects and lighting in Neon Fields can negatively impact the game experience for some players”, read the update notes. The notes goes on to explain that a new setting, “Effect Intensity”, has been added which relates to the Neon Fields arena in particular.

Setting the intensity setting to low will remove flashing lights, pulsing effects and dial down other effects for those who might be vulnerable to those effects, people with photosensitive epilepsy for example. Cyberpunk 2077 had a similar issue and was patched to modify the effects in question.

The update will also introduce new eSports related items, including Fennec Decals, and should auto-download for anyone who goes online from Feb 1st.

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