Rose Has Joined Street Fighter V’s Face-Punching Line-Up

Street Fighter V Rose

A new fighter, Rose, has joined Street Fighter V’s roster.

New to Street Fighter V, that is. She’s been around for a while, having first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha, way back in the 90s. But, as of today, you can unlock her in Capcom’s Playstation-exclusive beat-em-up with either real money or in-game fight money.

The latter might sound like a better option but accruing fight money is such a grind, it’s easier to fork out the cash which, we suspect, is Capcom’s whole point. She comes with a mixture of old and new moves; she has the ability to teleport which is bound to make the cause of at least a few rage-quits.


She also has a tarot card ability which she can use to strengthen herself or weaken her oppponents, an element of strategy that you don’t often get with brawlers. She also has a brand new stage, “Marina of Fortune”, but in what strikes us as a bit of a cheap move, you have to buy the stage separately from Rose herself.

Rose is available right now, though naturally you’ll need at least the base version of Street Fighter V, available on Playstation 4 and 5.

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