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1The Best, Most Spooky, New Games to Play This Halloween

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It’s Halloween, and that means only one thing: time to play spooky games!

Okay, it means a few things: the opportunity to dress up in ridiculous outfits, go trick-or-treating, watch scary films and celebrate all things macabre with your friends and family. But as video game lovers, we of course take it as an opportunity to delve into some of the best, and most spooky, horror games around.

There have been some excellent horror games released in 2021, and many of them may have flown under your radar. So here we are with a round-up of ten of the best spooky, or horror-themed, games that have released this year. Grab a controller, and a friend if you’re too scared to play alone, and get ready for a spooky good time this Halloween.

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