The Best Horror Games on Xbox Game Pass

Best Horror Games on Xbox Game Pass

Everyone likes a good scare, don’t they?

Okay, so some don’t, but those without worrying heart predicaments often find that a good scare gives them a pleasing dose of adrenaline. And after fighting or fleeing for their lives, a dopamine rush also follows if they’re successful. The good news is, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, there are plenty of games available on the service to provide such experiences. But which horror games are the best that Xbox Game Pass has to offer?

Having played pretty much all of the horror games available on Xbox consoles, hopefully we can help. We’ve assembled a list of the best horror games on Xbox Game Pass, each one of them offering something a little bit different. So, whether you like stealth-based horror, multiplayer horror, or even being the horror yourself, these games have you covered.

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1. The Evil Within 2

Evil Within 2 Header

The Evil Within 2, just like its predecessor, is an action-packed example of the survival horror genre that shouldn’t be missed.

Playing as ex-police detective Sebastian Castellanos, you’ll find yourself questioning reality as you move from one harrowing situation to the next, forced to face off against a bevy of grotesque creatures. And while you’re fairly well-armed and quite capable of instantly dispatching some foes if you can creep up on them, The Evil Within 2 can still pile on the scares when it wants to.

The Evil Within 2 is definitely scarier than its predecessor. It manages to unsettle you in more ways and question your sanity even more. Available via Xbox Game Pass thanks to Microsoft acquiring Bethesda, if you’re looking for the best horror games on Xbox you should definitely find time to play it. It’s the perfect blend of horror and action.

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2. Alien: Isolation

Based on the popular movie franchise, Alien: Isolation stands out from the other games on this list because it’s not filled to the brim with monsters and terror. Rather, there’s just one monster that’s terrorising you: the alien.

Well, okay, there are androids to watch out for as well. But they’re not very scary, just troublesome. Alien: Isolation’s scare factor comes from its tense atmosphere as you carefully peer around corners, wondering where the alien is going to come from next. You never feel safe – you’re always on edge, and that makes for a fantastic horror experience.

Perhaps the best video game based on the Alien franchise to date, if you have a liking for tense, nail-biting scares, then this is a horrifying Xbox Game Pass game that’s definitely worth playing.

3. Visage

Visage 2

If you like horror games that slowly try to build tension rather than bombard you with jump scares, you really ought to play Visage.

Trapping you inside a mysterious and ever-changing house, Visage unsettles you with its realistic surroundings that actually feel lived in. There’s every sign that people have been in the room you’ve just walked into, but something seems off. And then it hits you: this is a house in which something terrible has happened. As you explore and attempt to find a way out of your predicament, you’ll feel toyed with as unseen forces turn the lights off. And you won’t want to stay in the dark, as that’s when the supernatural makes its move.

It has some flaws, but Visage might just be the most terrifying game on Xbox Game Pass.

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4. Dead by Daylight

Multiplayer and horror traditionally aren’t genres that go together very well. That was before Dead by Daylight hit the scene, however. Since then, there have been many asymmetric horror games that have gone down rather well.

Dead by Daylight is still the king of them all though. In each match you’ll either be in control of a relentless killer or one of four survivors. Of course, the aim of the survivors is to not get caught. That’s easier said than done, though, when the environment changes every time you play.

While survivors play from a third-person viewpoint, giving them more awareness of their surroundings, the killer plays in first-person, getting them closer to the action. Those that really get into Dead by Daylight and don’t mind spending some money will find that there are a wide range of well-known killers available, too, from franchises such as Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even Scream. So, if you like horror and multiplayer games, Dead by Daylight is one of the best on Xbox Game Pass.

5. Dead Space

Putting players in control of a man called Isaac Clarke, Dead Space finds him trapped on a vast spaceship filled with horrific creatures. Even worse, they can’t be killed via conventional means; in order to stop from from relentlessly pursuing Isaac, he has to dismember them, piece-by-piece. Luckily, he’s skilled at improvising weapons.

It may be quite old now, but boot up Dead Space today and you’ll find that it still plays great and looks rather nice. Well, as nice as a grim horror game set on a run-down spaceship can look. If you’ve not played it, we’d recommend jumping in before the remake comes out. In any case, if you’re after the best horror games on Xbox Game Pass, this is definitely one of them.