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PS VR 2 Outer Box

PlayStation VR 2: What’s In The Box?

PlayStation VR 2 is very nearly here, and thanks to Sony we’ve been given pre-launch access to bring you our thoughts.

Unfortunately we can’t give you our view of the actual headset in use today – that’s for another time. But if you’ve been wondering what’s in the box, well… here you go.

Like the original PSVR, PSVR 2 comes sleekly packaged. Open up the box and inside you’ll find a sturdier box that you can open with a lid, giving access to all the exciting goodies inside. In fact, there’s another box inside that one, too, and it’s the content of that we’ll go over first.

PS VR 2 Open Box

Inside the small box you’ll find a USB-C cable for charging the included brand new PSVR 2 Sense controllers, as well as a quick start guide and guarantee pamphlet. There’s something else as well: a set of stereo headphones that you can attach to the PSVR 2 headset if you wish. Alternatively, you can use a set of headphones like the Pulse 3D if you have one.

Putting the small box aside, you get to the good stuff in the box. Two PSVR 2 Sense controllers are included, which will be familiar to anyone who’s used an Oculus VR headset in the past. They come with straps already attached so you can secure them to your wrists when in use (you can remove them if you wish), and they feel very comfortable to hold.

PS Vr 2 Small Box Contents

You’ll find the usual array of DualSense buttons shared between them – the Square, triangle, left trigger, L1, L2, left analogue stick and the share button on the left sense controller, the rest on the right. Both have PlayStation buttons allowing you to go back to the home screen quickly and easily. To charge the controllers, each have a USB-C connector at the base of the handle on the rear.

PS VR 2 Sense Controllers Side

Next up, the headset itself. It many ways, it’s very much like the original PSVR headset. It’s light, and very comfortable to wear. A button on the rear of the headstrap allows you to easily expand it to fit around even the biggest heads. A button on the upper portion of the front of the headset also allows you to slide the scope backwards and forward – great if you wear glasses and need a little more clearance.

PS VR 2 Headset Top

There are other neat features, too. A lens adjustment dial allows you to fine-tune the lenses to your own personal requirements, for example. And there’s a neat rubberised guard on the underside that blocks out any extraneous light when the headset is in use. On the underside of the scope you’ll also find a see-through button, allowing you to switch between a game and what’s happening in the real world thanks to the camera built into the headset.

PS VR 2 Headset front

As already mentioned, we can’t give our impressions of the headset actually in use just yet, but we can tell you why we’re excited about it. For one, thanks to cameras dotted around the headset, there’s no need for an external camera to track your movement. That means there’s less faff when it comes to setting it up, and it should be more accurate, too. And on the subject of setup, there’s just one cable to connect – a nice long and rather flexible USB-C cable that connects to the front of your PS5. Brilliant.

Overall, we’re impressed with the look and feel of PSVR 2 so far, and can’t wait to get stuck in and bring you our further thoughts on the hardware itself and a selection of the launch titles available. Keep an eye on GameSpew for more content soon.

PlayStation VR 2 is available to pre-order now directly via PlayStation.

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