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Alan Wake 2’s fictional metal band has a real music album and it’s awesome

Alan Wake 2 Old Gods of Asgard's Rebirth album

Want to rock out this Christmas? Forget Slade, Rebirth – Greatest Hits, from Alan Wake 2’s Old Gods of Asgard is the music album you need. And it’s so eardrum-fillingly excellent it deserves to be in your collection.

If you’ve played Alan Wake 2, Control or any of the other Alan Wake games, you’ll have heard their music. Lead singers Tor and Odin Anderson appeared briefly in Alan Wake but they’re major players in Alan Wake 2 and.. well, I’m not going to spoil the surprise.

Now, you can hear all their greatest hits in one place. Rebirth contains all their performances from the games, alongside two new tracks, The Skald Awakens and The Sea of Night. We’re listening to the album right now, as we right this, and there’s not a duff track on it.

If we had to pick a favourite, it’d be the regretful ballad that is Anger’s Remorse. Herald of Darkness absolutely rocks, but knowing the in-game history behind Anger’s Remorse makes it so much more impactful. Here’s everything on the album:

  1. The Skald Awakens
  2. Dark Ocean Summoning
  3. Children of the Elder God
  4. The Poet and the Muse
  5. Balance Slays the Demon
  6. Anger’s Remorse
  7. Herald of Darkness
  8. Take Control
  9. The Sea of Night

If you’re scratching your head wondering how a fictional band can write a real album, don’t worry, you’ve not slipped through the cracks of reality. Old Gods of Asgard are portrayed by real-life band Poets of the Fall, who’ve put out some amazing music under their own name. There are other non-Poets songs in Alan Wake 2 but they don’t appear on this album.

You can buy Rebirth – Greatest Hits digitally on Amazon. If you’d prefer a physical copy of Alan Wake 2’s music album it’s out now on CD in the UK, and will arrive in the US in January. Or if you want to get really old-school, there’s a vinyl release arriving next year.

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