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Top 10 Gaming Predictions of 2016

8. The Order: 1886 will get a sequel


Galahad’s adventure ended on a true cliff-hanger, to the point where it almost felt half-finished. Whilst the game was met with a frosty reception, we can’t help but feel that a sequel could do the franchise justice. With a bit of tweaking to the gameplay and the growing market for cinematic choice based games (Until Dawn for example), it has the potential to emerge as a real hit. This all depends on whether it’s in production at all. In an interview with gamesindustry.biz, Ru Weerasuriya states that The Order was “never written as a one-off story” and that “we of course have aspirations for the future of the IP and our involvement in its growth”.

The IP is held by Sony, so it’s up to them whether we see it in the future, and we’re going to predict we’ll see an announcement later this year.


7. Assassin’s Creed 2 will come to PS4 and Xbox One

Assassins Creed II-min

Back in December, it was spotted that Ubisoft had registered the domain name “assassinscreedcollection.com”. Of course, the website – which currently does not exist – could be used for any number of purposes (a merchandise store or an online database of the Assassin’s Creed universe are two ideas that come to mind), but we reckon it’s going to be a collection of remastered games brought to current gen consoles. It seems even more likely considering the news that the next Assassin’s Creed is not going to be out until 2017.

We reckon the “Assassin’s Creed Collection” will include the earlier games, so the very first Assassin’s Creed and the Ezio trilogy. The name “collection” suggests the full suite of games, but it seems unlikely considering the sheer amount of them. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking – we’d love to revisit Italy with Ezio – but we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed come E3 this year.

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