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Top 10 Gaming Predictions of 2016

2. The Elder Scrolls VI will be teased


We’re going to slam our fists on the table and shove all our chips into the middle. The next major Elder Scrolls release is finally coming. It’s going to be a little way off yet, but this year will be the year of the tease. We will see a teaser at E3, nothing but a literal snippet of The Elder Scrolls logo, and a little later, a glorious gameplay trailer for a next gen Elder Scrolls will be released. If you thought we weren’t mental enough – the game will be set in the land of Elsewyr. All in. Welp.


1. Crash Bandicoot will be reborn

Crash Bandicoot-min

Remember when PlayStation’s Shawn Layden trolled us by wearing a Crash Bandicoot t-shirt at PSX 2015? We understand that he can wear what he wants, we shouldn’t speculate blah blah blah. But he made a conscious decision to wear that shirt with the knowledge that he’d spark a reaction, and although this is more a hopeful prediction than a truly informed one, we predict we’ll see our beloved Bandicoot’s glorious return later this year.

In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine back in May 2013, Crash Bandicoot’s co-creator Andy Gavin stated: “Crash needs a total reboot. There’s an opportunity to reset the history, and go back to his creation story and the original conflict with Cortex. In that context, you could reprise classic Crash 1 and 2’s settings and villains. It would make sense to use a more modern, free-roaming style. I would concentrate on Looney Tunes-esque animation and really addictive action. That’s what we did with the original Crash, and there’s no reason it couldn’t be done today. Given [Activision’s] Crash games, people forget that he was once cool. [Naughty Dog’s] Crash had a certain whimsical edge to him. Sure, it was goofy — but it wasn’t dumb.”

In the words of Shia Lebouf and Nike – “Just do it”.

What are your gaming predictions for 2016? Do you agree with us, or do you think we’re way off the mark? Let us know by commenting below!

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