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Top 10 Gaming Predictions of 2016

4. PlayStation VR will rule the VR market

PlayStation VR-min

We were lucky enough to try PlayStation VR at EGX last year. It was incredible. Having loads of hands-on experience with Oculus DK2 too, we can safely say that the visual clarity blows it out of the water, and better yet, the headset itself is so much more comfortable to wear. Whilst Oculus’ first, and much improved consumer device  is coming out in March with a steep price tag of £499, PlayStation are yet to announce a release date for their answer to virtual reality, but we think we’ll see it sometime this summer. Whilst PSVR isn’t going to be much cheaper, we reckon it’ll undercut Oculus, perhaps at the same price a PS4 console was at release, around £349.

It’s going to take more than this year for VR to become mainstream, but if PSVR comes in at a more reasonable price, it really could pave the way – especially considering you don’t need to have an expensive PC set up for it to work.


3. Kojima’s new project will be with Guillermo Del Toro


Remember last year when everything was fine and dandy, Kojima still had a job at Konami, P.T. existed and was the best thing ever, and we still thought Silent Hills was in production? No, we hardly do either. But for a while, that was the bliss we were living in – that is, before all hell broke loose at Konami, P.T. disappeared from the PlayStation Store, Silent Hills was cancelled, and Kojima was “let go”.

It’s all turned out for the best though, as Kojima is already working on a new project in conjunction with Sony. We don’t know much about it, but following the crazy reception of P.T. we wouldn’t at all be surprised if it was somehow a spiritual successor; the Silent Hills that never was. Guillermo Del Toro, who was originally working with Kojima on Silent Hills has expressed his desire to work with him again in the future, and so has Norman Reedus, the Walking Dead star who was set to lead up Silent Hills. Of course, the Silent Hill franchise is owned by Konami, but it wouldn’t surprise us if the three get together to create a new horror experience.

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