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Top 10 Gaming Predictions of 2016

6. Saint’s Row V will be announced

Saint's Row

We haven’t had a new Saint’s Row game since 2013. And frankly, that’s just not acceptable. Sure, Saints Row IV was brought to current generation last year and expanded upon with the Gat Out Of Hell expansion, but it’s about time we took the Saints on a all new adventure.

We think Volition have been hiding Saint’s Row V up their sleeves for a while, and 2016 is the year they’ll lay their cards out on the table. Whether it’ll be released this year or just announced for release in 2017 we couldn’t say, but we’ll be very surprised if no Saints Row news is heard at all.


5. Watch_Dogs 2 will be released


Ubisoft haven’t actually ever come out and officially announced it, but we’ve had enough hints and “leaks” in the last year to mean there’s no doubt about the existence of Watch_Dogs 2. Apparently set in San Francisco and with a different lead character than Aidan Pierce, we think it’ll be announced at E3 in June and released in October.

Ubisoft’s recent releases have shown us they like to keep their cards quite close to their chest (well, when they’re not “accidentally” leaking information on international flights, that is) with Syndicate being officially announced in May last year and released only a few months later in October. We think Watch_Dogs 2 is going to follow suit. With an apparent lack of a new Creed release this year, it seems the perfect time for a Watch_Dogs sequel to surface – and going forward, perhaps that and Creed will release alternate years?

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