Top 10 Rhythm/Music Games of All Time

8. Theatrhythm (Final Fantasy)


The Final Fantasy series is known for its memorable soundtracks. Theatrhythm grabs the best from the series, mixes standard music/rhythm gameplay with a familiar Final Fantasy battle system, and blends it all together nicely.


Making good use of the 3DS touch screen, all kinds of crazy moments and tapping has to be done to get through the harder stages, but equally the easier modes can be enjoyed to relax and listen to your favourite Final Fantasy songs with a bit of light-interactivity involved.

7. BeatMania series


Before DJ Hero came along, there was BeatMania. I remember the game fondly on the PS1, which came with a spinning board and a five-key keyboard. There were some great tracks on the game, and replaying through after completion would unlock strange songs like the “cat song”, and another great track was the remix of the Metal Gear Solid theme. BeatMania opened up a weird mixture of genres I hadn’t heard before, so I discovered a lot of new music through this one! Many more  titles in the series were developed in Japan by Konami, but unfortunately the West didn’t see many of them.