Top 10 Rhythm/Music Games of All Time

4. Osu!


Technically a fan-made game based on a popular Nintendo game, Osu! takes the music game experience and turns it into a beatmap that relies on a mouse or graphics tablet to press, hold, and move notes across the screen in various shapes and speeds. The game allows players to submit their own custom beatmaps for songs, and even upload their own songs to the website so you can play any song you want – provided someone has made a custom beatmap for it.


Osu! allows you to play online against others, compete for glory on the leaderboards, and features also tons of modifiers like invisible mode where the notes disappear after briefly showing their location.

3. Guitar Hero series

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is the game that got everyone buying plastic electric guitars throughout the 2000s – that is until Activision brought out too many Guitar Hero games in a short space of time and everybody lost interest.

It had a good run, and was easily one of the most popular games alongside CoD and other modern games of the era, which is an achievement when you consider it’s a music game. After a six year hiatus, it made a successful return last year with a overhauled Guitar Hero Live. Despite its success, it just falls short as taking our #2 slot, solely because…