Top 10 Rhythm/Music Games of All Time

6. Hatsune Miku Diva series

Hatsune Miku is computerised, but a real-life chart topper in Japan

Hatsune Miku is quite famous globally now, and not just constrained to Japan. Her recent-ish appearances on American TV shows that she has global appeal for the right fanbase across all ages. For that reason, she’s had quite a few games in her name across various formats. All involve various icons flying around the screen for you to press in time with Hatsune’s crazy Japanese synth-pop beats.


5. Gitaroo Man


If you ever pitched an idea for an Anime style game mixed with awesome guitar riffs, you’d get Gitaroo Man.  Gitaroo Man has to collect pieces for his guitar which turns him into the ultimate Gitaroo Man form. I’d argue that Gitaroo Man has one of the best game soundtracks of all time; each song is as memorable as the last, and each is tied closely to a particular character.

The best version is on the PSP, which was a sort of remaster of the PS2 original. It’s a game that everyone should experience at least once – even if it’s just a playthrough video on YouTube. Gitaroo Man is a very unique and stylish game that’s aged tremendously well.