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The 10 Best PS Plus Games Released So Far

8. Guacamelee! (PS4, PS3)

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There aren’t too many video games that can comfortably claim an ability to let players play as an undead Mexican luchador who can transform into a chicken, but thankfully Guacamelee! is one of them. One of the best contemporary metroidvania experiences, Guacamelee! was made free to PS Plus users initially in November 2013 on PS3 and then again on Ps4 two years later in the form of an aptly titled Super Turbo Championship Edition.

It’s hard to describe DrinkBox Studios’ Guacamelee! as anything other than a rollicking and fun-filled good time that perfectly walks the line between hardcore metroidvania and ravishing Mexican romp. The Day of the Dead aesthetic isn’t something seen all too often in video games, and there’s no question that Guacamelee! uses this untapped area to its full potential. Boasting plenty of zany powers and abilities along with some quite challenging platforming sections and bosses, Guacamelee! is as charming as it is colourful.

7. Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

Arguably the jewel in the crown of Bioware’s universe-bending space opera series, Mass Effect 2 stands alone as being a character-driven adventure for the ages despite being the sequel to an established IP. Eventually made free on PS Plus a staggering two years after the third game in the trilogy, it’s in Mass Effect 2 that you’ll meet companions you’ll always remember and establish relationships that have you on the ultimate edge when making that make-or-break decision.

What immediately hits you about Mass Effect 2 is the sheer amount of spectacle and scope presented to you, even when compared to the more RPG-driven original. Depending on whether you played the first game or not (initially a struggle on PlayStation platforms), character interactions can wildly differ, causing your experience with the game to not necessarily be the same as everyone else’s. The fact that these inter-personal relationships matter more than sky-searching, should be praise enough for Bioware’s midpoint peak.

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