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The 10 Best PS Plus Games Released So Far

4. Killzone Mercenary (Vita)

Top 10 Vita Games

They said it couldn’t be done, but the now defunct Killzone Mercenary devs Guerrilla Cambridge successfully delivered on their promise of a console quality First Person Shooter on the Vita which was eventually made available to PS Plus subscribers in 2015, two years after launch. Admittedly the Vita is at its best when used as a hub for all things indie, but tread a little farther into the oceans of the PSN store and you’ll find a couple high production value experiences, and this is one of them.

Wisely opting to tell a more anthology-esuqe series of stories set across various bitesize missions, Killzone Mercenary sees your character frequently switch between the sides of good and evil without much of a moral compass. The game did originally tout a fairly lively and robust competitive online portion which has unsurprisingly since died, but regardless for those craving a shooter on the go, Killzone Mercenary is the one.

3. Helldivers (PS4, Vita)

Helldivers PS4 screenshot

Ever wondered what would happen if Starship Troopers and Dead Nation had a baby? Surpringly you wouldn’t get Housemarque’s Alienation but rather Helldivers, the unabashedly satirical top-down shooter from Arrowhead Games which begs multiple playthroughs. Free to download for PS Plus subscribers in February 2016, Helldivers sees you and a team of three others rocket down from planet to planet, with your only mission to obliterate the three alien races that each threaten Super Earth.

Once being deployed as a Helldiver, each planet features their own set of objectives to complete before being able to hop off-world and claim your shiny new piece of gear or perk. This carrot and stick method makes Helldivers a game you can’t help but go back to once hooked in, but with friendly fire consistently on and “Hell Dive” difficulty holding the greatest of rewards, your time defending Super Earth is certainly a challenging but fun experience.

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