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The 10 Best PS Plus Games Released So Far

2. The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (PS4, Vita)

Morbid, gruesome, and outright disgusting at times, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth has earned its place as a top tier roguelike game that provides players with a fresh experience every time thanks to endless procedural variations. Whether it’s with dungeon layouts, weapon effects, or boss encounters, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is always a gamble of sorts, tasking you as Isaac (or other unlockable characters) to reach your mom and defeat her for wronging you.

It’s essentially a 2D top-down dungeon crawler which makes its religious connotations extremely explicit, making for a game that you can extract endless hours from – great value for PS Plus members. The Rebirth version ramps up everything with new bosses, room layouts, items, and characters, keeping things feeling fresh even after the 100th time you tread back into the game’s recesses.

1. Rocket League (PS4)

Definitely the largest success story to ever come out of Ps Plus’ Instant Game Collection programme, Rocket League reminds players that at its core a game is meant to be fun, even when competitive. A simple but effective game concept which lets players duke it out in a game of soccer in vehicular manner, this 2015 sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars was made free upon arrival and improved on the format in almost every way.

The Rocket League community still thrives to this day even after having expanded outside the PlayStation platforming, so much so that it’s the first game this generation support play across certain platforms. Gameplay is solid, reliable, and fun, with rewards being purely cosmetic, assuring that whenever you start a match it all comes down to skill and nothing else.

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