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25 Useful Tips to Get You Started in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hey, listen!

Breath of the Wild is absolutely full of audio cues. Some are subtle but almost every sound is trying to tell you something. Pay attention to them as they’ll tell you a lot about your surroundings.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta is the easiest

While you can go at the Divine Beasts in any order, the boss fight of Vah Ruta, the one in Zora’s Domain shaped like an elephant – is probably the easiest to complete. Unfortunately, the quest line wants you to fight a Lynel – a centaur-like creature before you can enter the Divine Beast, and Lynels are notoriously the most difficult enemies in the whole of Breath of the Wild – Ganon included, quite possibly. However, you only need to beat the Lynel to collect shock arrows, so if you find enough elsewhere in the game (shops in other towns sell them) you can skip over the fight and head straight to the pier near in the Zora Domain where the Divine Beast is.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris is (probably) the hardest

Silly me, I headed to fight Gerudo Town’s Divine Beast – the giant camel – first. The boss of this one felt much harder than the three that came after it, so you might want to leave this one until last.

Don’t go into Hyrule Castle unless you’re ready to end the game

I wandered into Hyrule Castle just to ‘explore’. Unfortunately I ran straight to where the final fight with Ganon takes place, and was forced to fight him. You can go to Hyrule Castle without fighting him, but be very careful which areas you step into. You can’t go back into the game once Ganon is dead – but it does autosaves just before you fight, so can go back to continue playing if you wish.

Pick up everything you find

While you have an inventory limit on weapons and shields, when it comes to materials Link can seemingly carry an infinite number. Pretty much everything in the game has some kind of use, so pick it up. You can use items either in cooking, in upgrading your armour and Sheikah abilities, or to complete side-quests (there are a lot of fetch quests that are much easier if you already have a good stock of items). You can also sell pretty much everything if you need to make some rupees fast.

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