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25 Useful Tips to Get You Started in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Cook lots of food!

Try not to use any items you find raw – they’re much more useful when they’re cooked, either giving you special perks (such as extra defence, or resistance to lightning attacks) or just by replenishing more hearts. Keep well-stocked, especially on health items, and stamina-boosting goods are very useful too. Dishes can have a maximum of five items, and in most cases, use all five – there are times when it’s better to cook one at a time though; see below.

Cook ‘hearty’ items one at a time

If you find ‘hearty’ items – so far I’ve come across hearty radishes, hearty truffles and hearty salmon – it’s worth cooking one at a time. Even one cooked hearty item replenishes your hearts (no matter how many you have) and gives you a bonus number of hearts. Cooking more at once will give you more bonus hearts, but having more items that fully replenish your health is much more valuable.

Find the fairy fountains

Remember fairy fountains from older Zelda games? You’d meet a lovely, shiny fairy and she’d refill your hearts for you. Breath of the Wild‘s fairies are slightly different. They’re hulking giants of women, trapped inside flowers. You’ll need to pay each one a fee (ranging from 100 rupees to 10,000 rupees) but they’re worth unlocking when you come across one – they can upgrade your armour for you. The more fairies you find, the more you can upgrade. The first fairy is located near Kakariko Village, and if you talk to some villagers, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Don’t stick to the paths

Following the laid-out paths on the map can be useful if you’re trying to get to somewhere, but when you’re just exploring, it pays to wander off into the unknown. Most shrine locations are off the beaten track, so you’re more likely to find stuff as you’re climbing mountains or wandering into valleys.

Make use of fast travel

Once you’ve activated a shrine, it becomes a fast travel point on your map. Luckily, most landmarks – towns and stables – have a shrine nearby to conveniently warp to. Sure, it’s nice to run around the map and take in the scenery, but sometimes you want to be somewhere fast, so don’t be afraid to use it.

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