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25 Useful Tips to Get You Started in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Chase shooting stars

If you pay attention to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s night sky, you may see the odd shooting star. If you head to where they land, you’ll find a star fragment – a rare and valuable object that can be used to upgrade certain equipment.

Keep well-stocked on arrows

You will find quite a lot of arrows either as rewards in shrines or just out and about in the environment, but I got through them very quickly, so made a habit of buying some every time I came across a trader. Arrows are a great way to take down enemies while avoiding hand-to-hand combat, and they’re also the solution to many shrine puzzles, so always make sure you’ve got a good stock.

Talk to everyone you meet

It may seem tedious, but starting conversations with everyone you meet can pay off. Many have quests to offer you, which will bag you some kind of reward on completion, and others have some kind of interesting piece of information that may reveal a shrine location or point of interest. Side quest conversations are marked with a “!” before you start talking, but you never know who may give you some juicy gossip, so it pays to pay attention.

Take horses to a nearby stable

If you manage to catch a horse and get to ride it, you can keep it – you’ve just got to register it at a stable. Once it’s registered, you can then recall it from any stable you pass – it doesn’t have to be the one you registered it to.

Break down any black, shiny rocks

As you wander around, especially in rockier areas, you’ll come across ore deposits – black, sparkly rocks that you can break. A sword will break them, but it’ll also quickly break your sword, so it’s wise to keep a sledgehammer with you. You can also blow the rocks up with your bombs, but this tends to scatter the gems, and if near a cliff edge, they may fly off. Destroying them will give you either flint, which is useful for lighting fires, of various valuable gemstones, that can be sold for profit or used to upgrade certain items.

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