Here’s Everything You Missed At The Sony Playstation E3 2017 Briefing

Final Fantasy XV: Monster Of The Deep PSVR

Final Fantasy XV is going to bring some VR Fishing to the PS4 with Monster Of The Deep. It looks to bring some of what Square described previously as the Final Fantasy XV VR Experience last year.


Bravo Team PSVR

Sony is obviously showcasing a lot of PSVR titles this year, to show their support of the platform, and that it’s worth the investment. Bravo Team looks to be a nice action shooter to feed the needs of FPS gamers who want to give VR a try.


Moss looks to be a mixture of puzzle, adventure, and something that borrows inspiration from the likes of ICO. You play as some ethereal spirit, who guides a tiny mouse-like creature around the world. You activate platforms and other devices to help provide a pathway through the world, and act as the role of overwatch/support. Very charming looking game with a nice premise. Should be great for kids and adults alike!

God Of War

A very stylish gameplay trailer, that gives away a lot more details, but still leaves us wanting more! We see Kratos and his son in more varied and interesting locations, and we get to see more combat unfold. It’s better I say little more and let you watch it yourself.

Detroit: Become Human

We take a look at Quantic Dream’s new story-driven experience. We get to meet two new characters, and understand more about the themes of the game. Because of its focus on story/narrative, I won’t spoil any more for you. Watch it here.