Here’s Everything You Missed At The Sony Playstation E3 2017 Briefing

Destiny 2

We already knew a great deal about Destiny 2 before E3, so what we got was a new story trailer, and more information about Playstation exclusive content such an exclusive strike, gear, weapons, and more.


Spiderman PS4

Spiderman is looking rather impressive. We all remember the amazing Spiderman 2 game based on the 2nd movie years ago. This game recaptures that gameplay, and offers a diverse and engaging combat system, mixed with grounded web-swinging mechanics. This is turning out to be a great title from no other than Insomniac Games!


So that’s it! We hope you enjoyed what Sony had to offer you this year, we sure did. They had a tough bar of quality to match after giving us such a great year last year, but on the whole, we’d say they gave us enough surprises and great gameplay footage to call E3 2017 a good year!

What were some of your favourite highlights from Sony this year? Were you thrilled to hear Shadow Of The Colossus is being remade? Are you super-hyped for Spiderman after seeing some gameplay footage? Does God of War or Detroit have you yearning for a great story? As usual, let us know in the comments!