The 5 Best Anime Series to Get You Started

3. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online, sometimes known simply as SAO, depicts a world in which it is commonplace to immerse yourself within ‘NerveGear’ – a more advanced version of VR. NerveGear is a popular place for people to lose themselves within video games, literally, as their consciousness becomes their avatar. One game in particular – Sword Art Online – becomes extremely popular, as players get to play in a fantasy world that spans 100 levels.

Our hero, Kirito, as he is known in-game, signs up to play SAO before all the players suddenly become locked within the game. The creator of the game announces that the players must now survive and complete SAO in order to get out, but with one catch: if you die in the game, you die in real life.


Once the panic settles down we watch as Kirito transforms into a mighty player – one of the best in fact – and is one of the only players to duel-wield two swords. He decides to join a group called the Knights of the Blood Oath in order to gain a better chance at finishing the game where he meets the beautiful but tough Osuna.

Together the pair fall in love, get married within the game, and fight bosses together. It is their teamwork and sheer determination that gets them to the final level, where it is Kirito who faces the final boss.

Sword Art Online combines the glory of video games with the adrenaline of an action anime. The fight scenes are impeccably done and the underlying romance between Kirito and Osuna is sweet and innocent. Any fan of video games will enjoy this show.

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