The 5 Best Anime Series to Get You Started

4. Fairy Tail

If you really want to test yourself and go for a long-running anime, this is the one I would recommend. While most people would say Naruto or Bleach are the best animes to watch with 400+ episodes, I’ve always preferred Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail is actually the name of the wizard guild the story follows. While there are many other guilds in the world of Magnolia, Fairy Tail wizards are the ones who accept anyone and everyone – they are willing to give outcasts a chance.


Some of the characters we meet in the guild are Natsu – a fire breathing wizard who was raised by a dragon, Lucy, who can summon zodiacs to fight for her, Grey, who controls ice, Erza Scarlet who has the ability to change into crazy armour at will (she also has mad sword skills), just to name a few of the many, many crazy characters we meet along the way.

The thing that sets Fairy Tail apart from other animes (especially ones that have been going for so long) is that all the story arcs are totally different to anything I’ve ever seen before. It never got boring or faded away — it’s still going strong because there are so many stories still left to tell through this wonderful team. The guild is made up of completely intriguing, exciting characters, who are all incredibly well written. They all have so much depth, despite there being so many of them, and not one character gets shoved to the sidelines.

Everyone has their favourite, but anyone who has watched the series will know that they are a team, and we love all of them.

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