Play the Free Demo of NEO: The World Ends With You Right Now

NEO The World Ends With You

NEO: The World Ends With You is coming to PS4 and Switch next month. But if you can’t wait, there’s a free demo available right now.

A stylish action RPG, NEO: The World Ends With You is hitting PS4 and Switch on 27th July. It tells the story of Rindo and his friend Fret as they get tangled up in a bizarre augmented reality game known as Reapers’ Game. You can look forward to an epic story, fast-paced battles and exploration around the Shibuya area of Tokyo.

From today, a free demo of the game is available to download on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop. The demo allows players to experience the first two days of NEO: The World Ends With You, which amounts to around 90 minutes of gameplay. During those two days, you’ll get to experience combat, explore a small area of the city, and get a taste of what to expect from the story.

In fact, it’s the same chunk of game we got to play ourselves earlier this month. In our preview, we concluded:

Even though we’ve only spent a little over an hour with NEO: The World Ends With You so far, one thing is very clear: this is a game made with pure entertainment in mind. Exploring Shibuya is great, and getting caught up in a battle is exhilarating, especially against larger foes. But it’s likely to be the gripping narrative and its delivery that will keep you playing. We’ve just got to know how the Reapers’ Game ends.

So, head on over to the PlayStation Store or eShop and download the demo for yourself. It provides a great introduction as to what to expect. And even better, if you go on to purchase the game on the same platform, your progress will carry over.