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The Best Golf Games on PS5

Best Golf Games on PS5

Looking for the best golf games available on PS5? We’ve got you covered right here. Whether you’re looking for a serious golfing sim or something a little more arcadey, there’s a golf game for you.

On the list below you’ll find five of the best golf games on PS5. We’ll start with the more realistic golfing games before going on to the less serious options. All the games we’ve featured have been tried and tested by us, and we’ve enjoyed each and every one of them. They may not all quite represent a round on the fairway, but they all certainly involve whacking a golf ball with a club. What more could you ask for in a golf game, really?

1. EA Sports PGA Tour

EA Sports PGA Tour
Image: EA Sports

EA Sports is one of two publishers currently holding the official PGA license, with 2K Games also putting out officially-branded PGA Tour games, too. With a greater history in golf games, though, we think EA Sports’ entry has the edge – after all, the company has been making PGA Tour games since the early nineties.

In EA Sports PGA Tour, you get to map out your career from its inception, playing on real golf courses created in beautiful, realistic detail thanks to EA’s Frostbite Engine. The game even makes use of PGA’s official ShotLink and TrackMan data, which allows for the most realistic outcomes with every golf swing. If realism is what you’re looking for, then, this is undoubtedly one of the best golf games on PS5.

2. PGA Tour 2K23

PGA Tour 2K23 Nelly Korda
Image: 2K Games

The second officially-licensed PGA Tour game comes from 2K Games. 2K’s had the license for a few years now, and so PGA Tour 2K23 isn’t the first game of the franchise. And developer HB Studios is no stranger to golfing games, having made The Golf Club before having the official license in its hands. The result is a realistic and feature-heavy golfing experience that offers up just about everything you could want in one of the best golf games on PS5.

You’ll find familiar golf stars here, including Tiger Woods of course, and a wealth of licensed courses – all of which look great. There’s a full career mode to make your way through, and you can even design your own courses if you feel like getting creative.

3. Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends
Image: Blacklight Interactive/Team17

We’re leaving serious golfing games behind now and moving on to a game that’s designed to be a fun, multiplayer experience. Golf With Your Friends, as its name suggests, is made to be played with friends. It features a series of courses, most of which resemble minigolf courses, laden with traps and tricky obstacles to navigate. Take it in turns, and see who can putt their ball first.

While it may not be the most serious golfing game, Golf With Your Friends is a lot of fun and still employs satisfying physics that make hitting the ball a joy. You’ll need to consider your shots carefully if you want to beat your competitors. And of course you want to beat your competitors.

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4. Golf Club Nostalgia

Golf Club Nostalgia
Image: Demagog Studio/Untold Tales

Originally called Golf Club Wasteland but rebranded sometime after launch, Golf Club Nostalgia is unlike any golf game you’ve played before. It’s set in the future, where the Earth is nothing but a ruined wasteland. Humans now live on other planets, and Earth has been turned into a playground for the rich. Part of that playground is a golf course.

Played from a 2D perspective, you’ll spend your time in Golf Club Nostalgia putting your ball around an array of apocalyptic courses, navigating obstacles like statues, dilapidated buildings, abandoned cars and more. It’s incredibly atmospheric, has a killer soundtrack and is seriously meditative to play. It’s not your standard golf game, then, but it is one of the best on PS5, and is well worth your time.

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5. Dangerous Golf

Dangerous Golf
Image: Three Fields Entertainment

Released back in 2016, Dangerous Golf is a bit long in the tooth now. It doesn’t have a native PS5 version, but you can play the PS4 version via backwards compatibility. We still think it’s worth including in this list of best golf games on PS5, though, just because it’s so much fun. At this point, we’re willing to consider it a classic. It’s developed by Three Fields Entertainment, a company made up mainly of ex-Burnout developers. And so what you have here is essentially Burnout’s crash mode. But instead of crashing cars, you’re crashing into expensive stuff with a golf ball. It’s magnificent.

Each level of Dangerous Golf puts you in a different environment, but they’re all filled with expensive, breakable things. You’ll need to consider the speed and direction of your ball hit in order to maximise damage. The goal is, essentially, to create as much carnage as possible – and you’ll love every minute of it.

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