5 Games Releasing in June That Should Be on Your Radar


Micro Machines: World Series

PC, PS4 and Xbox One – 23rd June

Not going to lie: I love Micro Machines. What’s not to love about tiny cars the size of your fingertips? Growing up with an older brother, our home was overrun by the miniscule vehicles. I think my dad got pretty pissed off at forever standing on them, so more than anybody he was likely glad when we stopped playing with the actual cars and started playing the video game version of them.

The original game – which looks and sounds rather abysmal now – released on NES in 1991, followed by Game Gear, Amiga, Mega Drive, SNES and Game Boy releases over the next few years. I remember losing many hours to that, playing in multiplayer with my brother… and losing every time.

Several other Micro Machines games have been released over the years, but the upcoming Micro Machines World Series is the first licensed title since Micro Machines V4 back in 2006. Other ‘toy car’ games have been released, but nothing has quite captured the fun of the original, so let’s hope that World Series lives up to its legacy.

Along with the classic modes of race, elimination and time trial, Micro Machines World Series is set to introduce a Battle Arena mode, allowing you to equip your cars with weapons and fight to the (mechanical) death with local opponents or AI. It also features a multitude of real-life toy brands – Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Ouija and NERF just to name a few – to inject a bit of enjoyable realism into the racing environments.

Micro Machines World Series releases on 23rd June. Look out for more coverage from us around the time of its release.