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10 Worthwhile Games You May Have Missed in 2017

6. Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth

Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
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On reading the description of The Pillars of the Earth — an epic story about building a cathedral in 12th-century England — you’d like be instantly turned off. We wouldn’t blame you. We almost were too. But to not give it a chance would’ve been a massive mistake: The Pillars of the Earth turned out to be one of the best point and click adventures we’ve played in years.

Based on Ken Follett’s novel of the same name, The Pillars of the Earth tells a humanised and down-to-earth story about poverty, destruction, religion and corruption set in the backdrop of medieval England. Giving you the perspective of a number of different characters, its point-and-click gameplay style is satisfying and interesting, with each character being very well realised (and brilliantly voice-acted). If you’re a fan of traditional adventure games, this one really ought to be on your radar.

5. Pyre

Available on PS4 and PC
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Arguably one of the most unique games to come out last year, Pyre is the result of a team of mad scientists. The action RPG/sports hybrid is exceptionally fun and different from start to finish. Take control of some misfit exiles and traverse a beautiful world in which you partake in an ancient sports competition. The art direction is stunning. The gameplay is mechanically sound and creative.

Pyre, as a whole, is easily one of the most enjoyable games of 2017. Although it was critically acclaimed by those who sought it out, it didn’t get all the attention it deserved, especially given Supergiant Games’ track record. Team building, strategy development, and execution all play critical roles in your success during your playthrough. Woven into the action is an enchanting story of redemption and hope that is both engaging and brilliantly written. As a complete package, it’s just delightful.

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