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10 Worthwhile Games You May Have Missed in 2017

2. Toukiden 2

Available on PC and PS4
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As a series, I think Toukiden is underappreciated. It might not have the dedicated following and depth as Monster Hunter, but it offers so much to those willing to try. Toukiden 2 is no different; there is no shortage of things to do here, and the new open world design of the map allows players to work at their own pace. The core concept remains: slay demons and repeat. Of course, take time outside of missions and hunts to make use of the vast crafting and skill system to make your warrior exactly how you want.

An approachable combat/skill system allows players that are new to the series an easy path into the world of Toukiden 2. You can even gather your friends for some arena-style fighting. A much deeper and more complete experience than the earlier titles, Toukiden 2 successfully separates itself from Monster Hunter and carves its own place in the genre. Easy to learn, fun to master, and brimming with content, its definitely worth a go for any monster slaying gamers.


1. Absolver

Hand-to-hand combat in an online world populated by human and non-human combatants? Yeah, count me in. The path to glory is riddled with bumps and bruises, and Absolver presses that into you from the start. You are a faceless Prospect, whose task it is to prove their worth. This is accomplished by going around pummelling people who get in your way. As you fight and progress, you’ll learn more moves, be able to wield weapons, and even join fighting schools. Crafting your combat deck is a personal experience, and the freedom you have in doing so is unmatched in other fighting games. Pick your combos. Experiment and find what works. Test your mettle against AI or one of the other players roaming around; or, hell, befriend them!

Of course, for those looking for a fight there is the combat trials. The small team behind Absolver are continually working on adding more and fixing issues, and 2018 sounds like it’ll be a big year for them. This game is remarkably smooth, and each encounter is a test of nerves and patience, or how fast you can mash a button if you have enough stamina. A unique and lovely game, worthy of any fighting game fan.


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