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10 Worthwhile Games You May Have Missed in 2017

4. Gravity Rush 2

Available on PS4

AAA titles can be overlooked every now and then, and Gravity Rush 2 is a prime example. Feeding off the success of the original, this entry takes Kat’s adventures and kicks them into overdrive. Incorporating new gravity-style movesets allows for a deeper combat experience, and being given the option to switch between them makes for some high-intensity battles. The environments and cutscenes pop with Gravity Rush 2‘s delightful comic book approach. The hub world and all its inhabitants are full of life, offering plenty of side missions and tasks for Kat to take on. And the music. Oh man, that sweet, sweet jazzy soundtrack really nails it.

On top of all that, it doesn’t hurt that there’s actually a very interesting, well thought-out story to dive into. Kat meets and interacts with a fascinating and diverse cast of women and men throughout her journey. It’s a blast to play and as you progress and earn more powers, it only gets better. Not to mention, there’s the free DLC about Raven. More content never hurts.

3. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Available on PC and PS4
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Yonder was overlooked last year by many as being too watered-down. There wasn’t enough stuff in it, people complained. But for me, that was exactly why I loved Yonder. Too many games are stressful today. It’s nice, sometimes, to kick back with a beautiful-looking game, take in its sights, and complete a few simple quests without ever having to worry about dying.

An RPG game at its roots with some simulation and crafting thrown in, Yonder: The Cloud Chronicles throws you into an picturesque open world with a series of simple quests, both story and optional, to complete. Its draw is its overall pleasantness. It’s hard to find anything to dislike about Yonder as everything is just so… nice. Honestly, it’s the perfect game to leave your troubles behind with.

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