5 Great, But Very Different, Roguelike Games Available on Xbox One

Immortal Redneck 2

Essentially relying on players to die, die and then die again before maybe one day attaining success by getting good and steadily developing a range of stats and/or perks, roguelike games are a tough bunch.

The fact of the matter is though, when they’re made well they can be horribly addictive and alarmingly entertaining, making each arduous minute spent with them feel like time well spent.

On Xbox One there are many roguelike games available, and they’re quite a varied bunch too. Here are the five roguelikes which we consider to be the best, and they also happen to be very different from each other. Variety is the spice of life, as they say!

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy 1

Rogue Legacy is addictive. Dangerously addictive.

One trip into its randomly generated castle is all it takes to get you hooked on its platforming heavy gameplay, and from there, hours will pass without you even knowing.

Playing Rogue Legacy is a bit like playing an old Castlevania game. You enter a castle, defeat enemies such as skeletons and flying skulls with whatever weapon or magic you have at hand, and sometimes you can restore your health by eating a nice piece of meat. Chances are that you’ll die pretty soon, though.

Unlike Castlevania, however, when you die you’re forced to start again as a new character in Rogue Legacy, each one having their own little perks and quirks. They might be colourblind, for instance, or have numb feet which means they can safely walk on spikes. In any case, it keeps you on your toes and provides gameplay variety.

Thankfully though, the gold that you earn in each journey into the castle can be spent on permanent upgrades, such as new equipment, skills and stat increases. Over time then, you get stronger, meaning that you can reliably get further into the castle and reap even more rewards. Who knows, maybe one day you can even beat its final boss, though even then, Rogue Legacy will still keep you going back for more.

Honestly, whether you’re a fan of roguelike games or not, Rogue Legacy is a game that just has to be played. With brilliant platforming, exciting combat and oodles of humour, it’s one of the best games you can play on Xbox One.