The Witcher: Season of Storms Is Not Geralt’s Finest Outing

The witcher Geralt has been involved in many dangerous quests, whether they be in the form of a book, comic or game.

Season of Storms, the latest novel in the franchise by Andrzej Sapkowski, focuses on one of the more unique quests for Geralt: a simple errand which goes awry, with a range of twists and turns.

Season of Storms, unlike Sapkowski’s previous five Witcher novels, does not follow the overarching plot involving Ciri, but is set in between the early Sapkowski short stories. Sadly, Season of Storms fails to live up to the brilliance of the previous Witcher novels, and at times becomes convoluted and quite muddled.

The story for Season of Storms begins as Geralt ventures into the seaside kingdom of Kerack, where he encounters the king, and many other members of the royal family. As Geralt often does (much to Lambert and Eskel’s annoyance), he gets involved within a royal dispute over who will be the next heir to the throne. From there, the plot moves quickly on to involve a group of sorcerers who are pushing the limits of magic and morality. The two plots don’t overlap that well in the Season of Storms, and read more like someone playing The Witcher 3 and alternating between two side quests.

The star of Season of Storms is one who’s used to being a star: Dandelion. The poet plays a big role (as he should) in the previous Witcher novels, but in Season of Storms he really comes into his own. Sapkowski has written Dandelion’s role perfectly: he’s witty, likeable and still very pompous. The poet also has some brilliant conversations with Geralt that allow the witcher to show off his sarcastic tone and blunt humour. Outside of these moments, Sapkowski fails to capture the protagonist in many more likeable moments: a far cry from the previous books.

Despite an interesting appearance from Nimue, Season of Storms doesn’t add too much to the Witcher canon. It lacks the engaging range of characters and emotional depth that has made Sapkowski’s previous books stand out. Season of Storms is not a bad book, but it could have done so much more with its timeline placement and added to the Witcher story.

Season of Storms from Andrzej Sapkowski is available now from Amazon and all good bookstores.

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