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Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo’s Southeast Asia DLC Swings Onto Steam This March

Proboscis monkeys are coming to Planet Zoo!

Yes, there are bunch of other animals arriving in the Southeast Asia Animal DLC Pack, released March 30th. We can’t stop thinking about these awesome large-nosed creatures and how great it’d be to have them in our zoo. Yes, we have no regard for the ethics of imprisoning virtual animals. We’re just the worst.

On top of looking like a cartoon character brought to life, these monkeys will swim around in whatever monkey pool you choose to give them. We’re already thinking of what to call their new domicile; the Schnozz House? The Proboscis Pit? King Conk’s Island?

Of course, if you want something other than proboscis monkeys (what on earth is wrong with you?) there are other animals too. The DLC adds the following beasties as well:

  • Clouded Leopard,
  • Sun Bear,
  • Binturong
  • Malayan Tapir
  • Ussuri Dhole
  • North Sulawesi Babirusa
  • Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect

The DLC will, naturally, require the full Planet Zoo game, currently available through the Steam store. Though the DLC is set to cost £7.99, there’s also a free update on the way that adds more zoo entrances, new scenario rewards and more.

You can get your hands on the best monkey ever when Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack arrives this March 30th.

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