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Top 10 Catastrophic Events in Video Games

4. LEGO Star Wars – The Death Star


Ah, LEGO Star Wars. A game I’ve had to complete more than 10 times due to the fact that I’ve a younger sibling who apparently enjoys repetition. If you’ve not played LEGO Star Wars, how? It’s the only game that everyone I know, including those who find video games uninteresting, has played. I’m specifically talking about the second game of the, what, 4 or 5 that exist? LEGO Star Wars 2 takes the Original Trilogy (IV, V and VI) turns it into a family-friendly adventure game in which everyone is LEGO. Now, I’m using LEGO Star Wars because I personally think it captures the destruction of the second Death Star most accurately. Taking control of the Millennium Falcon, piloted by Lando and a stack of pancakes, players must navigate the innards of the second Death Star to reach the core before high-tailing it out of there pursued by the path of destruction. Not only do you witness first-hand the destruction of a fully-operational space station the size of a moon, but you get to witness first-hand a fully-operational LEGO space station.

3. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – On Thin Ice


The Witcher 3 is the award winning game following the adventures of Geralt, a monster-slayer for hire, who’s on the search for his student and daughter-figure Ciri, who just happens to be on the run from the Wild Hunt – a band of ghost-like, all-powerful warriors. There are points throughout the game when players encounter single members of the Wild Hunt, powerful enough to prove a challenge to an experienced Witcher such as Geralt. It’s when the Wild Hunt storm Kaer Morhen, a keep that used to serve as a place to train new Witchers under the School of the Wolf, that we see how strong they really are.

After the battle of Kaer Morhen, Geralt travels to previous destinations to gather a small army of his own friends and allies to take on the Wild Hunt in a final effort to defeat them once and for all. And so the quest “On Thin Ice” begins. Players gain control of both Geralt and Ciri to defeat the most feared and powerful Wild Hunt generals in the now frozen wasteland of a battlefield – everywhere they go, the Wild Hunt leaves a trail of destruction and ice. As players near the end of the sequence, things get real. There’s a real sense of danger and damnation as you hack and slash through the landscape encased in ice to find that things are only getting worse and worse the longer the battle continues. What actually happens in the end may vary from player to player as The Witcher 3 has a whole series of different endings to enjoy/weep over. It’s great, play it.

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