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Best Zombie Games on PC

The Best Zombie Games on PC

Will we ever really get fed up of zombies? We don’t think so. The thing is with zombies is that they’re so versatile. In some media they’re slow and lumbering; in others they’re fast and relatively clever. What really makes them dangerous, however, remains constant: the fact that there are so many of them. And so, if you’re a fan of zombies and you’re a PC gamer, you might be wondering: what are the best zombie games on PC?

We’ve rounded up ten games that we believe offer the best zombie-fuelled experiences on PC right now. And there’s some variety to be found, too. We’ve got everything from outright horror games to a narrative-driven adventure and even an open world action game with parkour. Needless to say, there’s a zombie game for everybody, so read on and maybe you’ll soon find yourself knee deep in the dead.

1. Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

While Techland insists that the shambling inhabitants of the world of Dying Light 2 aren’t zombies, we’re sure you’ll agree that they are. It’s the variety of them on offer in Dying Light 2 that’s particularly of note. Aside from the shambling walkers found on street level, there are runners, giant goons and other monstrous nasties that are simply best avoided. Thankfully you’ve got the parkour skills to leave them in your dust, which makes Dying Light 2 one of the best and most interesting zombie games on PC.

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2. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series

The Walking Dead

Telltale existed long before The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series, but it’s safe to say that the game changed the developer’s fortune… and perhaps ultimately lead to its demise (and resurrection). Inspired by the popular comic book series, The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series introduced a unique cast of characters, all trying to survive a zombie outbreak. While there are four seasons in all (five if you count the Michonne-based spin-off), the first is undoubtedly the best, focusing on convicted criminal Lee Everett and Clementine, a young girl he discovers all alone. If you like narrative-driven adventure games, consider this a must-play.

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3. The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us Part I PC

The Last of Us first released on PS3 way back in 2013. It’s since been remastered (twice) and more recently made its way to PC. While you might argue that The Last of Us technically isn’t about zombies, those affected by cordyceps are close enough to the traditional undead that we’re going to class this as one of the best zombie games on PC. We’d be foolish not to, really: Joel and Ellie’s story remains one of the best in the history of videogaming.

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4. Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4 2 (1)

If using zombies as target practice sounds appealing to you, then you ought to check out Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Undead Hitler is back once again, along with his horde of Nazi zombies. Needless to say, you’re going to do your best to put them back in the ground, but you’ve got a fight on your hands. Zombie Army 4: Dead War is enjoyable when played alone, but it’s best when played with others. So, get a team together, and have fun with one of the best zombie games on PC.

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5. Days Gone

Days Gone 2

Days Gone is another game where the Z word isn’t used. Instead they’re known as freakers, but to all intents and purposes the creatures you’re up against here can be considered zombies. They’re certainly not human anymore. An epic open world adventure with a story that slowly builds, what’s unique about Days Gone is your bike, which can almost be considered a character in itself. You’ll need to upgrade it and keep it fuelled up to survive. But it won’t help you when you begin to take on giant freaker hordes…

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6. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 3

You can’t have a list of the best zombie games on PC without a Resident Evil title, can you? This seminal horror series may have more outlandish foes in its newer entries, but once upon a time it was very much focused on your old-fashioned zombie. The best of them is this remake of Resident Evil 2, which features dual protagonists and some of the most fearsome zombies you’ll ever encounter. Consider this a must-play. And then maybe dive into some other Resident Evil titles: the remakes of Resident Evil 3 and 4 are well worth your time, too.

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7. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 min

It’s a real travesty that we haven’t ever got an open world The Walking Dead game. State of Decay 2 fills the gap pretty nicely though. In the wake of a zombie outbreak, it’s up to you to make a new life for yourself. That means finding somewhere to call home, building a community, and then keeping it safe. Resource management is key. You’ll need to scavenge, recruit and fortify if you want to stay alive. And it doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavour either, thanks to co-op support. Needless to say, if you’re after the best zombie games on PC, this is definitely one to check out.

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8. World War Z

World War Z 2

There are typically two types of zombies: shambling cadavers, and fast-moving infected. World War Z features the latter, and lots of them. ‘Lots’ might be an understatement, in fact. As you make your way through the game’s many episodes with friends, family or strangers in tow, you’ll encounter absolute hordes of them. Sometimes they’ll even pile up on top of each other, meaning nowhere is safe. All this is to say that if you want some harrowing, zombie-filled multiplayer fun, this is the game for you.

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9. Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 was in development for so long that we’d almost gave up on it ever coming out. Thankfully, it finally released earlier in 2023 – and against all odds, it was actually worth the wait. Set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles (or ‘Hell-A’ as the marketing went for), you’ll slice and dice your way through endless zombies, all the while mooching around fancy homes in Beverly Hills and film sets in Hollywood. The action feels excellent, and it looks wonderful to boot.

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10. Dead Rising

Dead Rising

Dead Rising presents players with the classic scenario of being trapped in a shopping mall absolutely chock-full of zombies. With a number of survivors to rescue and crazed lunatics to combat, it’s up to you how you approach your time there, however. You might try to get to the bottom of the outbreak, being at specific places at specific times to gather key pieces of evidence. Or you might just spend your time putting funny hats on zombies’ heads. It’s truly up to you.

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11. Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver 1 (1)

For the last game on this list, here’s something different. As its name suggests, Zombie Driver is very much vehicle-focused. As a skilled driver, a zombie outbreak isn’t quite as harrowing as it is for those on-foot. And so, behind the wheel of a number of vehicles including cars, vans and a whole lot more, you’re going to help as many people as you can. That might mean simply picking them up from their safe spots, or arming your vehicle with weapons before laying waste to hordes of zombies. Either way, it’s a lot of fun.

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