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Disney Dreamlight Valley Hero Pose

How to complete Hero Pose in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Do you need help completing the Hero Pose quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s everything you need to know.

Once you’ve finished The Sunken Ruins mission, you’ll need to go and talk to EVE, Gaston and Rapunzel. The Hero Pose quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, if the name doesn’t give it away, sees you talking to Gaston. So head to Gaston to begin the quest. He’ll want you to make him a golden breakfast. Of all things.

Gaston will give you a Golden Omelet recipe, which is in your inventory. Open up your inventory (Y/triangle) to interact with and use the recipe. All of the items can be found in the Cave of Wonders — Aladdin’s cave, which you’ll find in The Wastes. Inside the Cave of Wonders, you’ll need to find:

  • Golden Eggs
  • Gemstone Cheese
  • Aged Venison
  • Golden Milk
  • Golden Pepper

Inside the cave, look out for golden piles on the floor. Use your shovel on them to pick them up. Make sure you explore every room of the Cave of Wonders, as you’ll find one item in each area. Once you’ve got them all, head to a cooking station to prepare the Golden Omelet.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Hero Pose mission
These are the glowing gold piles you’re looking for within the Cave of Wonders. Screenshot: GameSpew

Given the Golden Omelet to Gaston. That’s not your work done, however. Oh no. Now you need to make a “Shiny LeFou”, so Gaston can have a sidekick.

How to make Shiny LeFou in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll need some fancy ingredients before you can put together Shiny LeFou for Gaston. Here’s what you’ll need to find:

  • 5x Bronze Ingot — you’ll need to craft 4x copper, 1x tin and 1x coal
  • 3x Jade — mine from The Courtyard and The Overlook
  • 1x Bumblestone — mine from The Borderlands
  • 1x Alexandrite — mine from The Wastes or The Oasis
  • 1x Spinel — mine from The Promenade or The Grove
  • Paints from Rapunzel’s tower — Head into Rapunzel’s tower and you’ll find them on the floor near the easel

When you’ve got everything, head to a crafting bench to make a Shiny LeFou. You’ll find it in the Functional Items section. Return to Gaston to give him the Shiny LeFou.

That’s it: you’ve completed Hero Pose in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need to complete EVE and Rapunzel’s missions before heading back to the Ancient Ruins to continue the Rift in Time story quest.

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