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Weekend Musings #14: Damn It, Microsoft

What a horrible start to the year.

Weekend Musings #13: Being Ill Sucks

Weekend Musings: Too Many Games

Weekend Musings #12: Are There Simply Too Many Games?

Rich takes the reins of this week's Weekend Musings, asking a big question.

Weekend Musings #11: Happy New Year!

New Year New Me? Forget it.
Forza Horizon 5

Weekend Musings #8: Forza Horizon 5 is My Happy Place

It's been a rough few weeks. Thank god for Forza Horizon 5.

Weekend Musings #7: The Black Hole of Black Friday

The one where Kim has a Black Friday-induced breakdown

Weekend Musings #6: Technical Gremlins

It's been THE WEEK FROM HELL, from a technical point of view.

Weekend Musings #5: A Little Bit-o’ LEGO

In which Kim ventures away from the topic of video games to talk about her second love: LEGO.

Weekend Musings #4: This is Halloween

It's coming up to 31st October, so let's briefly talk about horror games.

Weekend Musings #3: Damn You, Ironclad

Kim's back with her inane ramblings – this time about Slay the Spire – and a round-up of the week's hottest content.

Weekend Musings #2: Scary Games vs Scary Films

Here's our round-up of the week's best content, and Kim's ramblings about her feelings on Halloween and all things scary.
Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Weekend Musings #1: Insert Witty OLED Pun Here

As we're winding down for the day, there's only one thing on my mind: picking up my shiny OLED-screened Switch which is waiting for me in the back room of my local Smyths.

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